I’ve lost or misplaced my detachable shoulder strap. Can you help me?

  • We can try! Contact info (at) oryany.com with the name/style number of your bag and the color, and we will do our best to help. If you don’t have this information, an image will help us identify your bag. Be aware that if we are out of stock of the bag, we may not be able to acquire this piece for you.

I currently live outside of the U.S., but would love to order a handbag – how do I go about doing so?

  • We suggest googling our brand and taking a look at several of the sites who sell our bags. They may ship to your area!

I’ve found one of your handbags on eBay at a discounted price. How do I know if it is authentic?

  • As a brand, we do not recommend using any third party retailer that we do not directly sell to. A few of our retailers are: ShopBop, QVC, Neiman Marcus, Anthropologie, among others. You are more than welcome to contact Customer Service (info [at] oryany.com) to get a full list of authorized retailers. We can neither confirm or deny the authenticity of any bags sold through unauthorized retailers, and will be unable to respond accurately to any questions regarding your eBay purchase.

I believe my bag is counterfeit, and have purchased it through an unauthorized retailer. What should I do?

  • We can neither confirm or deny the authenticity of any bags sold through unauthorized retailers. We suggest you notify the website you used to purchase, or return the item if you are not satisfied or believe it is counterfeit.

I’m looking for a specific orYANY handbag… can you help me?

  • Beyond browsing our retailers websites, there isn’t much information we have on file – we unfortunately are not given the available units of our products at certain stores. We recommend contacting a retailer near you to inquire which of our styles they currently have in stock.

What are the restrictions on having a bag fixed through the brand?

  • The bag must have been purchased within 1 year of contacting us
  • The bag must have been purchased from an authorized retailer
  • Proof of purchase must be provided in email with images of the damages

**** We will always try our best to help our orYANY girls! Please understand that we do not have inventory of old styles and are unable to provide specific hardwares and materials once they are out of season. 



  • Handle all leather handbags with clean hands, as they are susceptible to absorbing grease and oils. When wiping the surface of your handbag, do so with a cotton cloth with a minimal amount of water.
  • Apply a General Leather Cleanser when appropriate to ensure your bag is protected.
  • To hold the bags shape, stuff with paper when not in use for long periods


  • To clean, brush through the haircalf in the direction the hair points.
  • Do not brush through if wet or tangled.
  • Be careful of consistent friction between the bag and yourself during use, as the haircalf is vulnerable.
  • Do not store in a moist or dry area.


  • Clean with suede brush regularly.
  • If stained, purchase a general suede cleaner.
  • Keep dry and stuffed with tissue to maintain shape.


All returns must be administered from the vendor or retailer you purchased your orYANY Handbag from. We cannot, and do not, authorize returns or exchanges that are not direct purchases from our company. That being said:

  • You must be within the standard return policy of the retailer you purchased from.

  • We are unable to contact the retailer on your behalf.