ORYANY participates in 'New York Flying Solo Fashion Week

Presence as a global fashion brand

-Oryany participates in Fashion Week following the entry of local online channels and department stores in the U.S. hot evidence of popularity
-To bring out notable achievements in China … Accelerate global expansion in 2021
New York Urban Street & Ethnic Fashion Brand Oryany participated in Flying Solo Fashion Week in New York to accelerate its entry into the global market.
Oryany prepared a global business in earnest despite the influence of Corona on the global fashion industry last year and launched an online business in the U.S. from September 2020.It has made inroads into major U.S. online channels such as Antropologie, Wolfandbadger, and Verishop.
It is also located in Macys, the largest chain department store in the U.S., and is receiving a lot of attention offline, and thanks to its popularity, other famous department stores are also set to enter.
Based on this potential, Oryany  invited to the 2021 FLYING SOLO X NEW YORK WEEK SHOW, showed collaboration with famous designer brands such as AFLé BIJOUX and ELENNA RUDENKO, and received enthusiastic responses from overseas buyers. Oryany ' trendy design and reasonable price aimed at the MZ generation have attracted the admiration of many buyers, and proved that it was the original brand born in New York by receiving orders from boutique shop, a local offline distribution channel. 
Oryany is also working on an online business in China  and has seen remarkable growth in the TOF Mall, which opened in August last year. In addition, has made remarkable achievements by opening Oryany Brand Hall in China's largest online platform T-mall.
The best products in the global market are Lottie Saddle Crossbody and Rookie Crossbody, just like in Korea, which have generated a sensational response since its launch in the U.S. and have been supplying its fourth and fifth shipments since September last year.
"As the brand value has been recognized in the U.S. and China, which account for the largest portion of the global market, we will further accelerate our entry into the global market, including Southeast Asia," an Oryany marketing official said. "The year 2021 will be an important year for Oryany to grow as a global beloved brand."